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 My Mission

Empower & Balance

As your Wellness Consultant, I am honored to work in partnership with you on your path to greater well-being.  


My advanced speciality in BioEnergetic Therapeutics manifests in the juxtaposition of empathy and objectivity coupled with knowledge and experience.  


Each session is highlighted by a detailed analysis of underlying causatives intrinsically contributing to stress and unwanted symptoms so that we can pinpoint how to move you forward to establish balanced functioning and healthier life patterns.


BioEnergetic education is my passion; thus, each session is infused with knowledge that helps you connect body awareness and understanding.  It is my desire to help you feel empowered with insight on how interconnected and powerfully your mind and body work in tandem with BioEnergetic information that instructs you how to be and function.


Balancing chronic and intractable conditions takes a certain level of finesse and intuition.  I have honed this sensitivity to understand pervasive, core patterns of imbalance that produce ill-health to help you transform with gentle non-invasive methods.

My Experience


I have been a dedicated practitioner of BioEnergetic Therapeutics professionally since 2003.  

My formal training  is in ‘Health Kinesiology’ (renamed Natural Bioenergetics).  I have completed all ten modules in the kinesiology coursework and also pursued additional education regarding the earth’s energy in a course entitled, “Geopathic Stress”.  The training is experiential in that hands-on practicing is a must between classes.  So, it took me three years to receive training.  I now practice a personalized, advanced structure of BioEnergetics.

Having earned a Bachelor's Degree in Family Counseling (BFC) with a Minor in Social Sciences, I have acquired proficiency in fields such as marriage, family harmony, human relationships, motivating others, counseling, ethics, family services, psychology, philosophy, culture, and other areas.  

I am very pleased to help empower you with specific self-regulating techniques as a licensed certified mentor in HeartMath.  These scientifically studied techniques are a wonderful tool that rounds out our targeted approach to help you build inner poise, recharge your inner battery and be resilient preparing for and navigating stress. And, what is more, the science tells us that a sincere practice of these deceptively simple techniques rewire our brains and have a healing impact on our physiology.  Currently, I have completed the Building Personal Resilience Program and The Resilient Heart: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Course.

Coupling my BioEnergetic training and experience with my BFC provides me with a solid foundation to compassionately listen to your struggles so that we can map out a reasonable life course that balances what you want to achieve while identifying what it is that you need.


What a pleasure it is to be your Wellness Consultant!  It is an honor to assist you on your journey of achieving balance and health.  My ideal is to give objective information for you to know what your body needs to stay healthy, balanced and happy.  Hopefully, to reorient you to your stress so that you can shift to healthier patterns.


Throughout this website, one objective I have for you is to benefit from holistic education.  To grasp how integrated concepts relate to stress and wellness.  How the molecules that give you physical form and performance carry everything about you. And for you to connect that your physical functioning is directly impacted by your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.  I want to help you understand that the reasons for undesired symptoms are directly related to underlying causative factors stressing your body.  And finally, in session, we can free up available energy and gain greater efficiency in functioning and being by providing some resolution to those causative factors that contribute to your current stress.  Thus, my overall aim is to empower you with information to care for yourself, make wise choices and help allay these underlying causes of stress that bring down vitality and health so that you can live with resilience.


With each session, we utilize my skill and experience as a BioEnergetic Specialist and your knowledge of you to spark self-healing.  You can always count on me for maintenance and any support or desired refinement to your well-being. While I am happy to be here for you as long as you desire BioEnergetic Therapeutics, never fear that your future has to be dependent upon me.  I love inspiring my clients to be their best self -- I cannot heal you, only you can heal you!

My strength as your BioEnergetic Specialist is skillfully pinpointing contributing factors that directly affect current health by linking those aspects to core patterns set-up early on in life.  I am eager to get started assisting you in objectively analyzing your BioEnergetic work that will help you alleviate any unwanted health issues and achieve your desired goals!


Throughout my entire adult life, I have personally pursued various holistic healing options for managing my own erratic health.  My interest in learning more about Natural BioEnergetics was piqued by the unique, yet systematic approach of incorporating many good techniques, vibrational tools, nutritional and supplemental information available coupled with ascertaining what the individual's needs are at any given time.  I am attracted to plausible scientific means of healing to be inclusive of any new things learned.  In other words, the modality stays in boundaries to keep it safe, while not being too narrow of a lane that would mutually exclude advancement.


I had observed over the years that what worked wonders for some did nothing for others or even what formerly worked, no longer achieved the same results.  I was drawn to the economy and efficiency of using only what the body needed to heal itself.  In other words, there is not one perfect method or cure for everybody or even the same formula working over a lifetime.  

BioEnergetic Therapeutics can incorporate an unlimited number of concepts, time-tested proven techniques and tools, along with newly discovered ones, to achieve balance and support for a client.  Aiding clients to an objective perspective of their needs, I find it vastly stimulating in my practice to help others create a holistic path to heal themselves.


Who I Am


I was introduced to Natural Bioenergetics (formerly Health Kinesiology), a branch of BioEnergetics in 2002, after my health spiraled while living in NYC and witnessing firsthand the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.  It felt like that event had opened up ‘Pandora’s Box’ for me.  I never thought of myself as a fearful individual, but after that, I had become fearful to engage in life and experienced physical problems such as hives, allergies, respiratory issues and a goitered thyroid.    

My own journey for life balance has helped me to understand and frame into context my own health and needs, while resolving some past trauma.  Physically working on the underlying energetic weaknesses in my system has helped me balance, maintain and support autoimmune issues and eliminate allergies.  I grew to understand how I had cleverly hidden from myself internal fears masked by a bravado of facing them, all the while, this price was taking a tremendous toll on my nerves.  I also use BioEnergetic techniques  to balance my overactive mind so that I can sleep better and let go of anxiety.

As an extremely empathetic person, BioEnergetic Therapeutics continues to teach me the benefit of healthy boundaries. These principles help me to understand what I feel to render compassionate aid to others in way that also extends to  preserving my own health.  


Additionally, learning that I am one who fits into 20% of the population as a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ has helped me to honor my body rather than feel alienated by it.  Comprehending my functional processing has brought me relief and creative solutions to life's challenges.  This brings me a peaceful feeling that anchors me to the  present so that I can enjoy life while connecting positively with others and yet feel comfortable during quiet times when I need recharging.

The Premise Of Healing Is Finding Personal Balance


I love how BioEnergetic Therapeutics offers us a variety of options to achieve your well-being through a scientific and targeted system of self-care. We work to reach your healing potential by accessing whatever is possible, safe and balanced.


My Interests Outside Of Work


BioEnergetic Therapeutics stimulates my aptitude for creativity and  problem-solving when tailoring sessions for my clients.  To sustain this passion and maintain balance as a BioEnergetic Specialist, I find inspiration during times of rest and relaxation. 


Here’s a few of my favorite things…


I love engaging in both active and quieter pursuits.  My life has been filled with three principle hobbies:  running, dancing and traveling.  Endeavoring to incorporate these interests, I enjoy running in places when traveling while soaking in local culture as well as appreciating the arts.  


Recently, I am on an unexpected and uncharted course as a widow, tragically losing my husband, Kelly, of 35 years marriage, in death on November 1, 2021.  Kelly and I grew up together and he was the love of my life since I was a girl of 16 years of age.  We were both originally from suburban Northern Kentucky located within the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Having a passion for travel and new life experiences, our journey together gave us many adventures such as living in NYC at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO for 6 years, in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years and overseas!


Throughout life's opportunities and challenges, Kelly was always a champion of my every heart's desire and he had that special talent to make things happen for me, including my pursuits to help people, rescue greyhounds, run marathons, and on it went.  


Over the years, a great appreciation of diversity and culture has deepened my education as we traveled throughout North and Central Americas, Caribbean, Europe and the Mediterranean.  Kelly and I visited many megacities, yet the City of Light was our preference together having visited Paris many times, and I ran my last full 26.2 marathon on Parisian streets.  We also spent time with my parents on several American cross-country road trips.  What a privilege it has been visiting National Parks and World Heritage Sites.  The Grand Canyon remains to be my favorite awe-inspiring, natural wonder of the world. 

Throughout our marriage, we had participated in various local and global  volunteer programs and assignments in Kentucky, NYC and in the countries of Panama and Barbados.  Kelly said his most rewarding experience had been hurricane relief work in Puerto Rico.  We also participated in ‘Special Volunteer Bible Educational Work’ within the Metropolitan Area of San Francisco.  Currently, I continue to offer myself as Bible Educator to any interested in learning what the Bible really teaches.

Despite never having had children, I channel my love into my "fur-family".  I have rescued four greyhounds and various kitties.  Combining God-given gifts, my dogs and I daily take awe-inspiring barefoot runs on the beach that keep us grounded and that reset my focus in life to align with the principle that "Love never fails".

My preferred quiet thing is curling up to read with a pot of loose-leaf tea.  I love expanding my understanding of life that only deep reading and meditation can offer, such as studying the Bible.  But, I also find joy in a good historical-fiction read — love the classics such as Jane Austen, but also enjoy modern authors’ take on historical periods — or a classic movie from the Silver Screen days.


Recently, I have had to dig deep for the stimulus to integrate my grief into healing.  Although untrained, I have found great relief by developing a penchant for drawing pictures of my greyhounds.  For inspiration to keep moving forward in life, I dance at least 5 minutes everyday and practice qigong.

Since June 2019, I have been living in Portugal near Lisbon in a beach flat beautifully renovated by Kelly.  Despite the twists and turns in my journey, I choose to stay connected and find meaning in each destination.  Reaching deeply within myself I have found heartfelt answers as I strive to keep life simple, but enriched with experience while paying forward all the gifts in life I have been privileged to receive!  

I hope to inspire you to aspire to 'reset and be good as new' living wholeheartedly!

May love, light and laughter be the result we create together.



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