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I warmly welcome You to my website!


Thank you for your courage to investigate how BioEnergetic Therapeutics can complement your other pillars for wellbeing.  I sincerely applaud your self-commitment and sense of knowing that unrealized possibilities are awaiting within you. 

BioEnergetic Therapeutics is a non-invasive practice with a holistic perspective that converges the art of ancient concepts with cutting edge science. Integrating principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quantum Biology, analysis and techniques are employed to alleviate patterns of BioEnergetic stress to promote healing. All undesired symptoms and issues are seen through the lens of the underlying BioEnergetic blueprint that makes you...You!


When there is coherency, aka unity, between system and parts, then the sum total becomes greater than the components. In a coherent state you begin to recognize and feel flow in your life. To achieve flow, the BioEnergetic approach considers the essence of you as a whole person–-mind, body and spirit.  

Significant improvement to wellness and performance can be experienced when stress causatives are identified and BioEnergetically shifted to an improved standard of function. Ultimately, you will build a renewed inner composure, along with stronger coherency and greater resiliency.  


When you are ready, let's get started together on this journey of self-healing and unlock your fullest potential!

A Natural Approach to Healing

BioEnergetics Therapeutics

Theory of relativity by Albert Einsteins.jpg

Throughout my entire adult life, I have personally pursued various holistic healing options for managing my own erratic health.  My interest in learning more about Natural BioEnergetics was piqued by the unique, yet systematic approach of incorporating many good techniques, vibrational tools, nutritional and supplemental information available coupled with ascertaining what the individual's needs are at any given time.  I am attracted to plausible scientific means of healing to be inclusive of any new things learned.  In other words, the modality stays in boundaries to keep us operating safely, while not being too narrow that would mutually exclude advancement.


I had observed over the years that what worked wonders for some did nothing for others or even what formerly worked, no longer achieved the same results.  I was drawn to the economy and efficiency of using only what the body needed to heal itself.  While there are certain gold standards in how to take care of oneself, my conclusion is that there is no perfect method or cure for everybody or even the same formula working over a lifetime.  

BioEnergetic Therapeutics can incorporate an unlimited number of concepts, time-tested proven techniques and tools, along with newly discovered ones, to achieve balance and support. As a BioEnergetic Specialist, I find it vastly stimulating in my practice to help others objectively understand their needs and find a holistic path to heal themselves.


 My Mission

Empower & Balance

As your Wellness Consultant, I am honored to work in partnership with you on your path to greater wellbeing.  


My advanced speciality in BioEnergetic Therapeutics manifests in the juxtaposition of empathy and objectivity, coupled with knowledge and experience.  


We initiate each session with a detailed analysis of underlying causatives intrinsically contributing to stress and unwanted symptoms. This evaluation can pinpoint factors that will move you forward to establish balanced functioning and healthier life patterns.


BioEnergetic education is my passion; thus, each session is infused with knowledge that helps you connect body awareness and understanding.  It is my desire to help you feel empowered with insight on how interconnected and powerfully your mind and body work in tandem with BioEnergetic information that instructs you how to function.


Beyond knowing about the body and its relation to stress, balancing chronic and intractable conditions takes a certain level of finesse and intuition.  I have applied my BioEnergetic sensitivity, knowledge and experience to understand fields of pervasive, core patterns of imbalance. Garnering that information, we then have options to employ gentle, non-invasive methods to resolve Bioenergetic imbalances and begin transforming undesirable states to an advantageous outcome.


" By creating compassionate heart space with my clients,

I can help them safely integrate the hurtful past so that

they can aspire to a hopeful future and live in a peaceful presence."


My Experience


dedicated practitioner of BioEnergetic Therapeutics

professionally since 2003  

My goal is to offer you a comprehensive protocol that will attune your body's innate wisdom for wellbeing.  I strive to update my education and add to my experience with advanced reading and study in many disciplines of science, health and wellness with a particular targeted interest on stress and trauma, as well as the BioEnergetic Field.  

Using a multi-pronged approach, my BioEnergetic protocol clarifies relational patterns.  How recurring or traumatic stress in your life connects with symptoms manifesting in physical form and function. We learn about the causative impact that stress has to your BioEnergetic structure, resulting in a consequential dysregulation to your nervous system.


In other words, nervous system dysregulation is where the 'rubber meets the road', so-to-speak.  This is where true understanding of psychological or physiological distress exists, identified as undesirable symptoms. Decoding stress requires a consilient framework to see a whole picture. Otherwise, energy can be either misdirected or wasted to maintain status quo performance, or worse, altogether miss the reasons for ongoing, diminishing function. 

Precision execution of BioEnergetic Therapeutics

can reset you to be good as new!

My practice of BioEnergetic Therapeutics has a systematic structure to analyze stress in a variety of ways so that you can understand the relation of stress to any disconnected parts that resonate to you as blocks to your wellbeing and performance. We work within an organizational framework that has freedom and flexibility to give us many options for personalization to your needs and whatever else you are currently using for beneficial health management.


Natural BioEnergetics™

My formal training began in Natural BioEnergetics™ with certificates of completion for all ten modules in the kinesiology coursework, plus an additional course called GeoBiology, where we explored how the earth and environmental energy affects our wellbeing for either good or bad. This intensive training included experiential, hands-on practice with each module. Today, I practice a personalized, advanced structure of BioEnergetic Therapeutics.  


For further reading about Natural Bioenergetics and the courses, please press the icon for redirection:

Bachelor Degree of Family Counseling
with a Minor in Social Sciences

Having earned this degree in family counseling has helped me acquire proficiency in fields such as marriage, family harmony, human relationships, motivating others, counseling, ethics, family services, psychology, philosophy, culture, and other areas.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

licensed certified mentor in the HeartMath™

Building Personal Resilience Program™

HeartMath™ Trauma-Sensitive
Certified Professional Practitioner

Mentor Logo Image_edited.png

As a licensed certified mentor in the HeartMath™, you can consider me your coach training you to transform stress with intelligent energy management by using simple, but profound self-regulation skills.  The techniques are carefully crafted to empower your ability to pause in the face of activating stress and how to neutralize triggers for better response and outcomes.  In time, your resilience capacity will build and sustain your energy reserves.


Expanding on your practice, we tailor each session to incorporate the practice of specific HeartMath™ techniques to refocus emotionally in connection with your specific needs, helping us identify unnecessary energy expenditures.  As you learn deepening practices, tapping into the grounding power of your heart intelligence will give you a true sense of safety and guidance.  A consistent practice of these easy-to-use techniques will build a carry-over effect for inner composure, increased heart-brain coherency (heart rate variability), and what is more, restructure your neural architecture, literally rewiring your brain and changing your life! 

Scientifically studied HeartMath™ techniques round out our multi-faceted approach to help you build inner poise, recharge your inner battery and be resilient preparing for and navigating stress. And, what is more, the science tells us that the HeartMath™ System has proven to significantly reduce key health-risk factors while improving key markers in both physical and psychological health.  

Working with clients with persistent, pervasive symptoms floating around in the body has taught me that these indicators of ill health are actually connected to maladaptive life patterns, frozen states of being and areas of significant disconnect.  To be more precise about what is happening, these intractable problems are fallout from dysregulation in the nervous system from unprocessed emotions in association with subjective experiences of trauma and overwhelming or accumulated stressful circumstances.  It is my desire to support the journey from the suffering and disconnection caused by trauma towards the path of healing and resilience of the heart.  Creating compassionate heart space with my clients, we co-regulate for the safe integration of the hurtful past so that they can aspire to a hopeful future and live in a peaceful presence.


I am recognized as a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath™ Certified Professional Practitioner having completed the course called The Resilient Heart™.  The course provided a rich expanse of information and expertise across topics including the neurophysiology of trauma, developmental trauma, collective trauma, intergenerational trauma and how to integrate HeartMath™ skills into therapeutic modalities to treat trauma.  Together this training, combined with my years of professional practice and personal experience of traumatic and complex loss can give you the benefit of trauma-informed care within a therapeutic relationship to build resilience and capacity for emotional regulation associated with traumatic stress.  

 To acquire heart rate variability technology or watch videos about HeartMath™ or to read the extensive research in the field of the heart-brain connection and the numerous benefits to psychophysiological health, please see:


Solex AO Scan™ Technology

With each session, my clients are offered an advantageous education about themselves through the use of Solex AO Scan™ Technology, a comprehensive program for measuring and optimizing frequencies.  Communicating with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals, AO Scan™ identifies the areas that may be out of balance. Pinpointing those areas that may need assistance, we can suggest the proper lifestyle changes to optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance. This supports us with valuable information on the current state of your body’s frequencies, track changes and much more!  

Image by Edz Norton

Over the past 20 years, Solex has compiled a database of over 120,000 unique blueprint frequencies. These blueprints are similar to notes of music—they are recordings of the cell's natural, optimal state. By comparing the body's current state with these blueprints, we are able to encourage the body into balance, which can restore harmony and your sense of well-being.  The methods used in the AO Scan™ Technology are supported by a plethora of research from peer-reviewed publications, independent research analysis and practical experiences. It is based on technology used by Astronauts, Cosmonauts, physicians, chiropractors, and naturopaths in numerous countries around the world with reported success.  

With the AO Scan™ you will receive scans run remotely from the comfort of your home that provide immediate results with comprehensive reports.  There are several different scans that can be performed for you:  

Quick Scan, Inner Voice, Vitals Scan,  Body Systems Scan, Comprehensive Scan and S.E.F.I.

If you would like to learn more about the benefit of frequencies and how it works, obtain any Solex products, or if you would like to benefit from daily restorative care by subscribing to become a Preferred Customer or Quantum Living Advocate, please see my page by pressing the icon:

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Facilitating Healing

Coupling my years of experience in BioEnergetic Therapeutics with HeartMath™ Mentorship and Trauma-Sensitivity training, the use of Solex AO™ technology and my educational background in Family Counseling, I have a solid foundation to listen objectively with my heart.  I will help you to identify roadblocks that are disrupting the ease in your life because I sincerely want to help you connect the dots for what is happening in your body. Together we can charter a compassionate path that will transform you from living with struggles to living with flow! 


Intuitive and Analytical Perspective

The particular strength I have as your BioEnergetic Specialist is my intuitive ability to pinpoint patterns of contributing factors related to your current health and then link those aspects to outdated programming that operates beneath the surface of conscious awareness.  Initially, those core patterns were magnificently intelligent for your survival, but now they present as maladaptive behaviors that contribute to unnecessary stress, dysfunction and dis-ease.  I am eager to get started assisting you in objectively analyzing your BioEnergetic work that will help alleviate or make improvements to any areas of undesirable issues and achieve your desired goals!


In our BioEnergetic Therapeutics sessions, we can free up available energy and gain greater efficiency for functioning, provide some context and resolution to those causative factors that contribute to your current stress and initiate nervous system healing.  With my assistance, you can also feel empowered with the information needed to implement greater self-care, leverage heart intelligence to make wiser choices, plug up energy draining stress that reduces vitality and help you to build resilience capacity.

I Am On Your team!

While I do consider myself a seasoned, skillful facilitator, the healing power is within you. Together we work to unlock what is essential to achieve your objectives and bring about greater coherency in your life. I am happy to join your team of support for any maintenance or refinement you desire, but you do not need to expect that your future wellness has to be dependent solely upon me.  It is a joy inspiring my clients to be their best self!

 Foremost in Facilitating Healing is not to ignore huge aspects of who you are... 

Diving into the big area of neglect, let me say that I often hear people denigrate emotionality in themselves and of others, as if it is a weakness to feel anything. Let's get real about this.  In truth, the molecules of emotions are drivers in our immediate performance, overall functionality and how we relate to our own state of being, as well as, how we relate to others. Grasping that emotions are actually part of our physiology is a giant step forward in coherent care.  Preventive and curative health measures are enhanced when we become more self-aware of what's draining us.  If we want to significantly improve our wellbeing, then we start to take account of how we feel and learn how to self-regulate our emotions.  The effort will reward you with a big pay-off providing your life with better flow and direction!

 Which way do you want your emotions to make you feel?

Emotions are comprised of compounds in constant motion that create chemical and electrical changes moment-by-moment, directly influencing the precursors to over 1400 biochemical processes either for good or bad. They indicate to us information regarding our inner and outer worlds in relation to our needs, boundaries and preferences, which prompts us to make adjustments to maintain harmony.

We relate to the experience of negative, draining emotions as our struggles or strains. Conversely, positive, renewing emotions are experienced as flow or fluidity in life. When emotions are not regulated, but rather are dismissed, suppressed or misunderstood, they then consequently surface inappropriately. Habitually ignoring one of our body's main sources of intel to us over a lifetime, ironically, is a key contributor for creating weakness in both body and mind.  The body experiences wear and tear or healing and wellbeing in direct relation to how we uniquely respond to emotional pressure and tension.  It is not so much what we experience, but rather how we react to it, e.g. the little everyday hassles like rush-hour traffic to the bigger life-changing experiences.  


Who I Am


I was introduced to Natural Bioenergetics™ (formerly Health Kinesiology), a branch of BioEnergetics in 2002, after my health spiraled while living in NYC and witnessing firsthand the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.  It felt like that event had opened up ‘Pandora’s Box’ for me.  I never thought of myself as a fearful individual, but after that, I had become fearful to engage in life and experienced physical problems such as hives, allergies, respiratory issues and a goitered thyroid.


Awakening and Self-Awareness 

Keys to Healing

My own journey for life balance has helped me to understand and frame into context my own health and needs, while resolving some past trauma.  Physically working on the underlying energetic weaknesses in my system has helped me balance, maintain and support autoimmune issues and eliminate allergies.  I grew to understand how I had cleverly hidden from myself internal fears masked by a bravado of facing them, all the while, this price was taking a tremendous toll on my nerves.  I also use BioEnergetic techniques  to balance my overactive mind so that I can sleep better and let go of anxiety.

You Care Too Much, You Shouldn't Feel that way, You're Too Sensitive!

How does an empath turn off the authentic experience of deep processing of sensory and emotional input from the environment?  Since I feel everyone else's stuff, doesn't that obligate me to set aside myself and care for the other person's overriding needs?  Doesn't everyone else feel as intensely as I do?  An empath can attempt to ignore it, but eventually, that paradoxical state will manifest in the body with various symptoms as signs of a dysregulated and neglected nervous system. Without careful attentive monitoring of when enough is enough, the gift of sensitivity and profound feeling of everything can seem like your worst enemy.  Often empaths engage in an internal warfare of self-doubt and self-attack for feeling and registering what most people do not notice. Unabated self-attack often manifests as autoimmunity issues.

I am a highly sensitive and empathic person.  About 20% of the population has a nervous system that registers sensory information deeply.  Even less of humanity identify as highly empathic. In the past, I related to this as a flaw that needed to be toughened up. Since awakening to the correct understanding of how I relate to my external world, my ability to surpass survival and move into the lane of thriving is happening by consistent, small practices that have become a delightful routine. Practices with HeartMath™, AO Scan ™, qigong, being in nature, time with my pets and many other BioEnergetic options have tremendously helped me to nurture my nervous system and true state of being, which I now understand is impossible to "deprogram".  

Are You Highly Sensitive?

Are You An Empath?

Nurturing the Heart Of An Empathic and Highly Sensitive Person

To avoid overwhelming my sensitive system, I have become the queen of "5-minutes".  This mindset is a work-around of the fact that I can become highly absorbed in whatever I am doing.  So, I deliberately challenge myself to do a variety of well-rounded care for at least 5 minutes and limit a bit more time in any one activity.  And to lock in the goodness, I give heartfelt acknowledgment to appreciate whatever was accomplished each day.  This kind of heart nurturance is self-care that pays dividends.  My investment to give attention foremost to who and what I love cultivates gratitude. In doing so, my ability to stay connected to the why of all things even during the most life crushing tragedies gives me the strength, stamina and adaptability to persevere.  The pay-off of nurturing my mind, body, emotions and spirit with consistent practices is in the best interest of not only me, but also in my service to others.


Self-care is a process of attunement to stay connected. I have learned that when I use awareness to get still, it is in the  moments of quiet that I begin to discern what is really my stuff.  I am learning to assert the power of 'no', as a culling out the nonessentials, which goes a long way in maintaining intentional living with integrity.


The Premise Of Healing Is...

Finding Personal Balance

Benefit From Uniquely Designed Sessions To Meet Your Needs

I love how BioEnergetic Therapeutics offers us a variety of options to achieve your wellbeing through a scientific and targeted system of self-care. We work to reach your healing potential by accessing whatever is possible, safe and balanced.



Integrating Life



 Personally applying my experience with BioEnergetic Therapeutics has greatly improved my own life-work balance. Reframing a paradigm that more comfortably incorporates my strengths, limitations, passionate interests and difficult circumstances has been so advantageous. BioEnergetic Therapeutics stimulates my aptitude for creativity and  problem-solving when tailoring sessions for my clients; however, I value the inspiration gained during times of rest and relaxation. 

Run, Dance, Travel

I love engaging in both active and quieter pursuits.  My life has been filled with three principle hobbies:  running, dancing and traveling.  It's fun to weave my interests together.  When I travel, I enjoy running on foreign pavement, soaking in the local culture and appreciating the arts. e.g. soaking in Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest, High Tea at Fortnam & Mason in London and attending the Ballet at the Palais Garnier in Paris... yummy memories! 


Széchenyi Thermal Bath


Fortnam & Mason


The Palais Garnier 

"Bad Things Happen to Everyone"

The quoted subheading is a universal truth as cited in Scripture at Ecclesiastes 9:11 ("Holy Bible, Easy-to-Read Version").  So it has been that catastrophe struck my life in an unalterable way.  After a marriage of 35 years, I am on an unexpected and uncharted course as a widow when I tragically lost my husband, Kelly, to suicide on November 1, 2021.  Kelly and I grew up together and he was the love of my life since I was a girl of 16 years of age.  We were both originally from suburban Northern Kentucky located within the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Sharing a passion for travel and new life experiences, our journey together gave us many adventures such as living in NYC at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO for 6 years, Barbados, the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years and Europe.

The 'We' That We Were

Throughout life's opportunities and challenges, Kelly was always a champion of my every heart's desire and he had that special talent to make things happen for me, including my pursuits to help people, rescue greyhounds, run marathons, and on it went.  

Over the years, a great appreciation of diversity and culture has complemented my education as we traveled throughout North and Central Americas, Caribbean, Europe and the Mediterranean.  Kelly and I visited many megacities, yet the City of Light was our preference together having visited Paris many times, and I ran my last full 26.2 marathon on Parisian streets.  We also spent time with my parents on several American cross-country road trips.  What a privilege it has been visiting National Parks and World Heritage Sites.  


Throughout marriage, we participated in various local and global volunteer programs and assignments in Kentucky, NYC and in the countries of Panama and Barbados.  Kelly had said his most rewarding experience was participating in hurricane relief work in Puerto Rico.  We also were engaged in ‘Special Volunteer Bible Educational Work’ within the Metropolitan Area of San Francisco.  Currently, I continue to offer myself as Bible Educator to any interested in learning what the Bible really teaches.


Suicide Loss Makes Everything Go Sideways

Now in widowhood, I am being reintroduced to who I am without Kelly and learning myself anew.  Suicide loss challenges every fiber of who I thought that I was and what I thought that I knew, believed and trusted.  To survive it, the boundaries of my heart have been tested and stretched to hold greater space for compassion and to develop or refine all of the potential heart qualities that love encompasses.  With pensive, contemplative prayer, I am engineering my life and career to reflect who I am at heart and align my intentions and thoughts with what is here now.  To fill my life with heart-friends and to enfold meaning into my experiences.  

It seemed that within the first weeks following the loss of Kelly, I had singular clarity about everything.  Possibly, it will take me the rest of my life to truly grasp what I intuitively knew.  One of those insights was that I would survive.  I didn't know how, but I set determination that I would stay upright and keep one foot moving in front of the other.


The Gifts In Presence & Stillness

When life hands us change, learning to flow through the tougher moments is synonymous with becoming a meaning-maker.   To pare down and connect to what really matters and why. To set the intention to let the rest go.

Losing a loved one to suicide is categorized as catastrophic loss. It is a complex traumatic grief that brings all semblance of former life to a full stop. It is undeniable.  Highlighting what isn't working and breaking what once was, it is simply unavoidable. The only way through it is to let go of judgment and open the heart to reflect and consider, "What is it that  really matters to me?"


I understood that this demanded an  inner stillness to be present to honor what has been lost to us. Being that quiet in a time of utter chaos is frightening. Allowing oneself to be, there is a gift box of lessons to learn enabling an ability to reframe and gain perspective and tap into latent potential. Being with grief and learning to accept the full range of moment-to-moment shifting emotions, I have discovered the gateway emotion of gratitude to be the guiding light through the darker feelings.  It unveils how the past facilitates this very moment and that the rich texture that somehow remains in our lives can be absorbed anew as wholehearted and intentional.  

By curating the ever-present gifts of faith, hope and love, the bedrock of all the courageous moments is formulated.  Aggregating those qualities together, a yellow brick road is built for safe passage through the dark tunnel of all the tumultuous feelings that grief delivers to the door of our heart.  

When Kelly died, my life instantaneously vanished.  Immediately, the enormity and significance that life as I knew it was forever gone was forced upon me.  His suicide questioned the validity of my own existence.  Each and every step taken since that life-altering moment has strained my faith, hope and love.  The supreme effort that I am making continues to be well worthwhile because it ultimately dignifies my Creator and in reality, all existence. And, it is integrity that connects me with that.

Connection & Belonging

In Solitude & With Community

It has taken everything that I am, have, and have been given, including all that I have done, am doing and others have done for me, not to allow Kelly's death to hijack my life. Grief is exhausting and, unfortunately, suicide loss can be disenfranchised and is definitely stigmatized, knowingly and unknowingly.  It could be so easy to give in and give up.  But, for me, no! Ultimately, I am a believer in the cliché to 'never say never'.  I have come to appreciate there is always a way!

Rather than his death ending my life, I am in the process of rebirthing myself.  In my process to crack open the doors of unknown fields of possibilities, I have even had a couple of longtime wishes fulfilled recently when I went to the Isle of Capri with my oldest friend, visited new friends living in South Africa, stood out on a glacier in the Swiss Alps with my mom, took a roadtrip with a dear friend to the famous Unesco World Heritage Historic City of Córdoba and finally got to see one of the great musical legends, Eric Clapton, in concert in Zurich despite the 3-times Covid pandemic rescheduling! 


The lesson is this:  "Stay curious about each step and give attention to where it leads..."



South Africa






Swiss Alps


E.C. Concert

Healing Breaths

Although Kelly and I had no children, many of you know that my maternal love is channeled into my "fur-family".  Over the years, I have rescued four greyhounds and various kitties.  My home with Dash, Lily and Mr. Collins is blessedly located near the ocean in a very healing space as you can notice with the inclusion of many Carcavelos beach photos throughout this website. Daily my dogs and I stay grounded by enjoying barefoot runs on the sand.

Sometimes, life just isn't fair and makes absolutely no sense.  Suicide makes no sense! If it did, then the person at the moment of completion would have been in their right mind and could have seen or accepted other options. But, in that instant of time, no matter the lead up to it, they couldn't feel in their heart that life was supportable. Fact is, all of us are needy in some way or other.  There is no shame in it, we are human and built for community and mutual support.  All humanity is in need of great degree of compassionate latitude.


So when rainbows are delightfully spotted over the ocean, they remind me that all the noise and chaos in life can be quieted.  Within the majesty of that beautiful spectrum of color, peace and hope shine forth to me.  Further witness is the continuum of the ocean. Beholding such wonder everyday helps me to refocus my perspective.  From that standpoint, I have a new frame to align myself with the timeless truth that "Love never fails" no matter what happens. 


Everyday I ask myself:   What would love do?

"My preferred quiet thing is curling up to read with a pot of loose-leaf tea.  I love expanding my understanding of life that only deep reading and meditation can offer, such as studying the Bible. Laughter and light are also important to me, and it is vastly entertaining and illuminating to read historical-fiction and comedies of manners — love the classics such as Jane Austen and P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie, but also enjoy modern authors’ take on historical periods — or a classic movie from the Silver Screen days.


While my life has had its fill of challenges and devastating losses, I believe it is vital to cultivate a wondrous curiosity, caring interest and awe for life.  I look for synchronicities manifesting, which create connections of awareness that overshadow any deficits in my life with the abundance of gratitude. In my efforts to dig deep for the stimulus to integrate my grief into healing, although untrained, I have found great relief by developing a penchant for drawing pictures of my greyhounds.  For inspiration to keep moving forward, I am a voracious reader and researcher, practicer of HeartMath™,  and additionally, I dance at least 5 minutes everyday, journal, practice qigong and do cold water immersions in the Atlantic.  


Since becoming a widow, I started keeping a record of accomplishments, small and large, to track my growth.  I have logged over 150 'victories' since November 2021! "In all these things we are coming off completely victorious through the one who love us." -- Romans 8:37.

Love compels me to make it a practice of generating goodness.

Guiding Light

During the darkest of days, there have been some touch-and-go moments for me. I have had to reach down deeper than I ever thought possible and figure out how to accept both the givens and the realities of life.


Now that I am journeying in foreign territory, literally and metaphorically, the ground I traverse is uncertain.  I am learning that the heart's intelligence is the best signpost orienting me to universal principles.  Heart Intelligence stands apart from the mental and emotional loops that just lead to nowhere and waste precious resources.  No, rather, I am referring to the divine qualities that can only be authentically developed within the inner person, the heart.


Surrendering to this process, which we typically resist, is like winning a golden ticket that fast tracks healing. Initially, it feels more like a booby prize. As if being dropped in a black, lonely cave of vulnerability. Then in that stillness, it is as if the secret passage of trust suddenly appears lighting the way, step-by-step. Trusting our inner knowing places us squarely into the driver's seat of our own life, and flow happens as we navigate with love to overcome perils of fear.  



treasures within the Darkness

When you feel hemmed in, stuck, no way out, my request of you is not to be too afraid of the dark.  Light is always on the other side of the dark cycle. Usually the answers are there awaiting discovery, in your darkness.  Befriend yourself as you travel from the mind into the heart.


Healing is an inside job that requires tapping into reliable resources. The quarry of reward is equivalent to a miner's treasure. Awaiting you is a motherlode of new potential, pearls of infinite wisdom and golden fulfillment as you recognize the feelings of a life well lived.


Remember, please, this fact: that for all eternity, there will only be just one you in all of existence.  Because you arrived, your life matters!  Whether you are aware of it or not, everyday you do make a difference to someone.  Break down the barriers separating you from your own life. Turn the handles of your heart to gain entry and let in love. Practice how it feels to love and conversely, how it feels to be loved.  That kind of guidance is a winning light.


I hope to inspire you to aspire to

''Reset and Be Good as New'


Since June 2019, I have been living in Portugal near Lisbon in a beach flat beautifully renovated by Kelly. Choosing to live abroad has taught me much in relation to navigating outside of comfort zones. Full immersion into another culture brings an opportunity to challenge my acceptance of diversity. The differences kindly ask for continued expansion of mutual compassion.  

The inevitable failure of trying carries numerous lessons.  Along with that, is the unexpected gift of heartfelt connections born from the necessity to reach out for help.  And best yet, I have learned that I can reach deeper than I thought I had in me.  Untapped potential or unknown skills are there to be discovered when we put our face to the wind and meet challenges and move out of our comfort zones


I hope to inspire you to aspire to

''Reset and Be Good as New'

Since June 2019, I have been living in Portugal near Lisbon in a beach flat beautifully renovated by Kelly. Choosing to live abroad has taught me much in relation to navigating outside of comfort zones. Full immersion into another culture brings an expansive understanding that asks for continued development of mutual compassion.   The inevitable failure of trying carries numerous lessons.  Along with that is, the unexpected gift of deeper connections out of the necessity to reach out for help.  And best yet, I have learned that I can reach deeper than I thought I had in me.  Within us all are latent potential or unknown skills that were never apparent or needed until we challenge our comfort zones.


living wholeheartedly!

 I have learned It is not in spite of enduring the twists and turns and crushing blows along my journey, but rather because of them, I am choosing to stay connected and not numb out and miss life. There is a 'raison d'être' if we look for it. We can survive the painful moments and ease suffering when we acknowledge that beauty still exists.  Behold it.  Create it!  That beauty, even in our difficult hardships, is apparent when we pause, reflect, count our blessings, stay true to ourselves and share love and kindness.  Adding to my prescription for reset, is this:

"Live wholeheartedly!"


Along the roadway of my life, I am reminded that there have been many faces marking the miles for me.  There are endurance runners still traveling with me, others who did a leg of the race or handed onto me the baton, some were cheerleaders, and then there were acquaintances who showed up right when I needed someone to hand me refreshment. Indeed, I have been blessed with people, family and friends who have touched my heart and made a true difference in my journey.  I am deeply appreciative for these connections. 


I have had to adjust the eyes and ears of my heart to sensitively adapt to the changes in my life for survival.  More than that, I am attuning to thrive. Therefore, I aspire to keep life simple, but rich with experience that inspires me. The 'secret ingredient' in my recipe is to digest this truth: "Heart Matters!"


Having had the privilege of receiving many gifts in life, I feel honored to add my heart to that and pay it forward!

May Love, Light and Laughter

be the result we create together...

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