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Discover The Perfect Consultation

Consider This When Booking

Is this my first consultation or a follow-up?​

  • New clients are required to book an Initial Consultation

If this is a follow-up, has my session been outlined?

  • Book an All-Inclusive when a new body of work needs to be analyzed

Do I desire to discuss issues or goals that are unrelated to the current body of work?

  • Book an All-Inclusive to discuss anything unconnected to the body of work

Do I desire in-depth understanding of how to relate my stress to BioEnergetic Therapeutics?

  • Book an All-Inclusive for a personalized and extensive education​

Do I want to follow-up my body of work with no additional concerns other than what has already been outlined?

  • Book an Essential Comprehensive Follow-up​ 

My child is 12 years old or younger?

  • Book an Kids Initial or Kids Essential Follow-up​

Do I desire to have a series of consultations or share with family?

  • Consider saving 10% by booking a package plan​

Essential Elements

Enjoy tailored elements in every consultation


Wellness Evaluation

Open Discussion


Meridian Energy Balance

Balance and Flow


BioEnergetic Education

Healing Information


Analysis, Goals & Solutions

Body Awareness


Supplemental Suggestions

Holistic Support