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Frequently Asked Questions


BioEnergetic Kinesiology is practiced worldwide and was initially developed by Dr. George Goodheart, an American Chiropractor, known as 'Applied Kinesiology'.  Later, came the collaboration of Dr. John Thie, the originator of 'Touch For Health'.  Additionally, Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., with strong emphasis on scientific analysis, took the basis of manual muscle-testing and concepts in TCM and energy reflexes to develop an advanced system of kinesiology entitled, 'Health Kinesiology'.



Relief and benefit are usually experienced to various degrees immediately during the first session.  Clients often give positive feedback that they feel lighter, clearer and more comfortable after an individual session.  Some symptoms can be completely addressed and eliminated after experiencing BioEnergetic Kinesiology in just one therapy session.


Depending on the expectations of an individual client, the amount of sessions desired is personal.  As a practitioner whose aim is to achieve core transformation to root out symptoms, I like to encourage a minimum of 3 sessions.

You are encouraged to try a minimum of 3 sessions for providing time needed:  

  1. To break down barriers blocking health and balance

  2. To establish foundation for growth 

  3. To develop potential for better ways of living and being


Each session is scheduled several weeks or months apart.  


The sessions are setup to subtly and organically transform an individual.  We work to root out causative factors that relate to your core functioning and current symptoms.  Doing that takes time for the body to let go of associated toxins and to rebuild. 


Typically, the time recommended between the first and second session is about 6 weeks.  Based on this, the first 3 sessions could be scheduled in a 4 to 6 months’ time frame.  



You will have time to detox, level off and then build before each session AND save up money prior to the next session.  The time-frame is personally muscle-tested and recommended for you at the end of each session.


No, I do not resell any essential oil, essence, homeopathic or nutritional supplement.  


The focus and thrust of healing is on BioEnergetic transformation facilitated in-office during your session using a variety of techniques muscle-tested for you.  If it is determined upon closing your session that supplemental support can aid you, then those suggestions will be itemized in your copy of personal notes.  You may buy these from a supplier convenient to you. However, for your convenience, I have listed on the 'Library & Links Page' links to suppliers that I have had particular success in obtaining my own supplies.  

If you have favorite, proven remedies that you love, or conversely, contend with the need for pharmaceutical medications, no need to worry. We can simply incorporate these products into the body of your work and make allowances for such until your needs change.


I can confidently express that everyone can benefit in some way and to some degree from a session of BioEnergetic Kinesiology.  This is not an overstatement.  However, the degree of help for your unique problem or issue is unknown until we start working together.  The body only has so much workable energy available to initiate balancing and healing.  


So, if  you are experiencing an acute or serious situation, the focus of the session will be aiding the body to calm symptoms and start building a foundation for progress and freeing up energy.  Once the chronic state presents then serious headway is activated.  


Infrequently, due to factors such as significant damage in the body caused by disease, lack of available energy, genetics, age, environment, etc., the most we can do is maintain a certain degree of health that helps the client manage and support themselves to handle stress and avoid further decline.


We will use kinesiology to help your body determine the underlying issue to focus on balancing your BioEnergetic System and what is the best way to achieve it.  As the body responds to stress or not, we can rule in or out contributing factors.  This evaluation tapers the muscle-tested information into a common relationship, linking it into a pattern of stress.  We analyze how this pattern affects functioning in relation to how the client consciously perceives it.  


Such detailed analyzation through kinesiology takes the guesswork out of what you need. Armed with objective information of what and why your stress is affecting you in a particular way, your brain is focused, then various BioEnergetic techniques can be employed to effect a shift or change in the BioEnergetic System, circulating new information to structure how you function.  Voila!  An energetic shift has been affected within you.  Freeing up energy and circulating new energetic patterns for an easier way of being.

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