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"BioEnergetic Therapeutics Addresses The Reasons For My Unwanted Symptoms"

“I was a little hesitant to make an appointment at first because I didn’t completely understand how BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy would affect me.  I’m very glad that I went ahead and made that first appointment.  The progressive work that Shelly and I have done together to increase health, stamina and mental well-being has really helped my energy for successfully living both my physically demanding job and homelife.  


When I first started therapy with Shelly, I was taking a 4-hour nap every afternoon and now I only need a 1-hour nap to recover from the demands of starting my day at a very early hour while working physically in a stressful atmosphere.  Additionally, our work together has helped me to eliminate various aches and pains that have bothered me.


BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy has also contributed to significantly lowering my stress levels and having greater mental clarity, which has greatly increased my personal and family happiness!”  


“Working with Shelly Early has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made in my health.  My anxiety is now under much better control, and I am able to attend events that were previously overwhelming and impossible for me.  I always come away from one of our sessions feeling lighter, calmer and able to handle whatever it is that is currently challenging me.  I highly recommend working with Shelly -- she is empathetic, kind and trustworthy.  Best of all, she gets results!”


“Shelly’s expertise in the field of BioEnergetic Kinesiology has been a real and practical asset to me.  I highly recommend her to others!


I am a sixty-something youthful retiree that used to have physical and emotional blocks that kept me from doing some of the most basic of chores.  I came to Shelly with various chronic complaints, some brought upon me by past injuries or traumas that increasingly got worse with age.  There was damage to my nervous system, legs and feet.  There were emotional “replays” that on occasion would literally shut me down for days or weeks, making it very difficult to function.  The two therapies I have been using for many years do help (massage therapy & chiropractic), but these were never able to address the deeper issues associated with my symptoms.


After careful consideration, I decided to try the therapy that Shelly provides.  She immediately put me at ease.  I find her to be ethical and professional.  She is extremely knowledgeable and forthright in answering questions and addressing concerns.  Shelly is intuitive, compassionate and has a genuine love of people with a desire to help. 


 BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy is simple, easy and from natural sources.  It has proved to be a systematic process, and is tailored to me as an individual.  She also provides intelligent notes that I can review to help me stay on track.


The results for me personally have been very positive and are evident either within a couple days or over the course of months.  I have had four treatments to date over a period of eight months, and I am super pleased with the results.


The pains I first had at my initial visit with Shelly are virtually gone.  Overall, my physical strength has improved, my feet no longer swell, the aching in my injured legs is nearly gone and I am able to do more tasks more often.  I’ve noticed a major improvement in motivation and the ability to overcome my emotional roadblocks.  It is so satisfying to see that I am catching up on projects that have been set aside for a long time.  Thank you, Shelly!”


“I came to Shelly Early looking for an integrated treatment that placed a comprehensive, holistic approach at the forefront.  This is core to how Shelly works!  She not only understood my symptoms, she anticipated them and explained their interconnections.  It was the first time that I found myself speaking to a healthcare practitioner who understood the entire package.


Over the course of sessions with her, I’ve gradually experienced areas of healing in an integrated way, and learned strategies of treatment and support that works with the body as it heals itself naturally.


I’ve not only experienced healing on a physical level with blood pressure and hormonal issues, but also emotional healing where I’ve noticed symptoms or conflicts have subsided and resolved.  


It has been great teaming up with Shelly, experiencing an empowering and amazing journey as I’ve learned the relationships between my body, mind and health.  Shelly is highly skilled, knowledgeable and creative in completely customizing her treatment to my own personal issues.  She’s extremely patient, caring and dedicated.  I would highly recommend experiencing for yourself the potential of your own health transformation through BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy with Shelly!”


 "All I can say is that Shelly got me through one of the worst times of my life.


Her support, her wisdom, her dedication, her presence of peace, her incredible knowledge of the body and it's systems, be they physical, mental, or emotional, helped to guide me through the painful turmoil of losing my job. 


I think Shelly is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given us and I'm truly honored to know her. I am thankful for her healing powers and her gentle and patient, thorough and down to earth, complete and kind understanding and spot on diagnosis and remedies. 


If only I could see her every week!!!  Shelly is truly a blessing.


“I started seeing Shelly 2 years ago.  I have so much appreciation and love for her and what she has done to help my family and me.  I had tried Western Medicine, Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Chiropractic-Neuromuscular Therapy, a Homeopathy Specialist and Herbalist.  Although all of these treatments were helpful in different ways, I found myself leveling off after initial improvement.  


Impressively, after seeing Shelly, I noticed improvement not only to my ongoing physical symptoms, but also I was experiencing greater mental clarity.  I finally stopped worrying and felt like I could take a breath and calm down, which truly helped my body on the path to healing.  


Shelly’s work is a collaborative knowledge on many aspects of therapies and health.  She applies this knowledge to develop each session to adapt uniquely to the individual.  She helps to get your body back in balance that brings strength to the energy of the immune system, initiating a way to safely detox, balancing emotions and hormones, and makes nutritional suggestions concerning foods to avoid that aggravate symptoms and incorporating foods that can strengthen the body.  


I am truly grateful that a friend of mine recommended Shelly.  She has had such an amazing and positive influence in my family’s lives.  We’ve overcome specific issues, i.e. symptoms associated with Achalasia, Shingles, food allergies, skin issues & Eczema, swollen lymph nodes, recovering from Mononucleosis and painful stomach issues!” 


“When I started sessions with Shelly in 2012, I knew very little about BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy.  I had a friend who had been seeing Shelly regularly and recommended that I go, too.  After reading what Shelly had written about her therapy and what help it can provide a person, I was immediately onboard with this approach to whole body healing.  


At my first session, I instantly felt she understood exactly what I was going through, and since that initial appointment, she has been instrumental in helping me move forward with my life.


No other forms of prescribed drugs or home remedies compare in helping me to cope with life’s anxieties and physical disabilities like this extraordinary BioEnergetic work has in transforming the quality of life.


I truly believe Shelly has saved my life with her revolutionizing practice of BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy.  She is one of the most gifted people I’ve ever met and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who desires holistic healing.” 


“Working with Shelly has allowed me to accomplish many things in life -- physically, emotionally and mentally.  From the simple to the complex, wrist pain to relationship issues, Shelly has helped me to heal and has worked with me to create new future possibilities.  


Every session with her is empowering and satisfying.  I love that her approach is individualized to your specific needs and I always feel comfortable during my sessions.  


You will find her to be insightful, knowledgeable, understanding, kind and dedicated.  She wants to see you succeed as much as you do!  There are a large variety of modalities out there, but working with Shelly in BioEnergetic Kinesiology is where I have experienced the most progress and results.”


“I have suffered from low self-esteem, self-sabotaging behaviors and scant empathetic boundaries for all my life.  In desperate search for relief from these problems, I have read a plethora of self-help books, attended life-skill classes and gone to both psychologists and psychiatrists.


After meeting Shelly years ago, I decided to give BioEnergetic Kinesiology a chance.  What I found from her therapy was real relief from my emotional problems along with a sense of control within the inner turmoil.


Amazingly, with BioEnergetic treatments, unlike psychotherapy and self-help books, the healing is effortless.  Shelly just listens to your body and then the healing begins.  It’s really that simple!  


Along with being a true friend, Shelly is extremely nuanced and intuitive with her work.”


“Shelly has been a great help to me in my journey to have a healthier mind and body.  Since I’ve been seeing her, I’ve noticed a definite change in HOW I react to negative situations that come up.  I’m better able to let the negativity go and not dwell on it.  My thoughts are calmer and it’s easier to redirect them to a more positive plane.  I truly value Shelly’s friendship that naturally comes from such intimate work together and I value the assistance I’ve received from her professionally.”


“I both live and work in a stressful environment that is beyond my control.  I have had to overcome serious devastation from a broken family. 


 I can honestly say that working with Shelly in her therapy has kept me going.  I continue to see her on a regular basis because she helps me to keep up and maintain my mental and physical energy for a fast paced life.  At times, I still struggle due to exceptional stress and circumstances, but amazingly, I am succeeding in both my professional and personal life!


Although getting to the bottom of my issues is not always a direct route for me, Shelly has helped me to focus on whatever I can do to support myself and alleviate past suffering so that I can face the future with confidence and resolve.  I view my current sessions as a regular tune-up that increases my health and overall happiness.  I have recommended her to many of my friends and family.”


“I am so very, very thankful for Shelly’s therapy of BioEnergetic Kinesiology.  What I have learned is that a person can be blind to emotional factors that underscore current physical and mental issues.  However, the body never lies!  BioEnergetic Kinesiology reveals how it all ties together and exactly what is needed to facilitate healing.  


By Shelly’s expertise in this dynamic therapy, she has helped me not only to identify the true causative influences surrounding my emotional reactions, but also how it relates to my bodily symptoms.  I have resolved life issues and learned how to manage stress in a supportive way.

As a result of my sessions, I feel calmer, more aware and more balanced.  I feel good!”


“Through BioEnergetic Therapy, Shelly has helped me tremendously to create positive habits and take charge of my own well-being.


This was just the type of personalized holistic approach that I had been looking for to help me finally realize my own power and potential.


I’m so glad that I was referred to Shelly!  We have worked together to resolve deep-seated issues and free me from the negative way those issues were affecting my life.  Not only do I feel empowered to take charge of my own wellness, but also feel my state of mind, relationships and overall health has improved.”


“I originally came to see Shelly for help managing depression and stress.  Working with her therapy in connection with my MD allowed me to progressively wean off my medications.


An unexpected benefit of continuing BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy was that I started physically feeling better, too!  For example, I had been unable to drive my car for over two years due to diabetic neuropathy that made my foot feel dead.  I’m happy to report that after a session addressing that problem, I can now drive, even on long road trips!


Other physical benefits have been eliminating some nagging leg pain, arthritic pain in my hands, sinus problems and allergies.


My overall well-being has drastically improved, which has helped me to feel calmer and happier!


“The first major issue I can clearly remember working with Shelly were these hours-long vomiting bouts that reoccured monthly.  I battled with this problem for over a year.  I had gone to the ER, tried to get any sort of medical explanation, but to no avail.  Shelly was able to identify the emotional component triggering the physical reaction, and after session-work and supplemental support (that produced no side-effects), this cyclical vomiting stopped and I have never dealt with it again.


With such notable relief, I had to know what else my body could reveal to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.  A round of depression, minor physical pains and many emotional hurdles later, I am certain that my quality of life has been increased by working with Shelly.


I know our work together has helped me to thrive in my massage therapy practice and daily life.  The clarity I have been able to gain on life issues, ones that could certainly stunt me or hold me back, has been freeing and given me peace.


I’ve learned to identify the reasons why I think or do things in a certain way, which has allowed me to live with greater integrity and confidence.  All of this has been accomplished through simple, personal sessions -- no drugs, no expensive therapies, no time-consuming regimens!  Even living 1,000 miles away, Shelly is one of the first places I go for wellness.


“My grandson was born with severe complications that has left him with serious disabilities, i.e. Cerebral Palsy, mental limitations and lung issues.  The first couple of years, he was frequently in and out of ER and hospital.  


Working with Shelly has helped this dear child to live as happily and healthfully as possible.  After a series of sessions, hospital visits for pneumonia have become virtually nonexistent and his immune system is so much stronger.


Through BioEnergetic Kinesiology Therapy, we have been able to tailor a supplemental and life routine of balanced support that has kept him rather healthy and resilient.


Shelly first worked with Damien when he was a six-month old infant.  Today he is a vibrant 13 year old!”


“Energy work was not new to me because I had worked with various forms since a teenager.  But, what distinguishes Shelly’s therapy is that we have gotten to the core of my issues.  Yet, doing so in a gentle way that is at a pace that feels right and comfortable to me.


I really like that I walk away from each session with clear direction and understanding of how my symptoms fit into the bigger picture of my life.


Additionally, I like that I can see an end in sight.  The plans we would develop in the session gave me security and  hope that tackling these life issues are making me feel whole again.  


I like that Shelly doesn’t do the work for me, but supported me in healing myself!”


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