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Heart Matters!

Wholehearted practices shared in private groups

Image by Susan Wilkinson
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Heart Matters! GCI
Shelly's private group on Global Coherence Initiative App sponsored by HeartMath Institute

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Please join me on my private group to practice heart and brain coherency!


Our heart rate is always changing, creating a pattern. Heart rhythm patterns, based on our "heart rate variability" (HRV), are a powerful window into our health and emotional wellness. HRV biofeedback will help you to access a healthy and high performance state called heart coherence which balances your mind and emotions. This helps prevent stress and clears your thinking for more effective choices.

 Free technology offered on the GCI app using only your finger and phone camera will measure your heart rate variability.  You can used audible guides to help you increase coherency and you can watch how when in your heart practicing feeling good, how your coherency gains strength and see it lower when your mind intervenes.  


With a consistent practice, you will emotionally restructure and rewire your brain. This shift will increase your baseline coherency and help you to do in-the-moment emotional refocusing in the face of triggers and stress.  It helps us take the needed pause to prevent unwanted reactions,

If you are interested in learning more or would like to join my private group for free, press on the picture to contact me!

Heart Matters! Book Club
Featured Book


The author weaves a personal history and desire for better social skills that led him to researching the essential elements of how people can deeply connect with themselves and others. He distinguishes his loving family being an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, but did not teach him how to make heartfelt connections.  He mentions the effects of detachment and withdrawal in life as he became a practiced emotional escape artist.  In his discussion, he compassionately explains the importance of presence for grief, trauma, mental health, including references to suicide.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Heart Matters! Book Club
Shelly's private WhatsApp group and Zoom Meetings


If you are interested in post-pandemic growth and connection, please add your heart to the learning community where a safe space invites creative thinking about relational topics on healing, heart qualities and building caring, strong kinship.

Please link to me by pressing on the image if you would like to join or find out more information

Heart Matters! Book Club Structure

  • WhatsApp Group “Heart Matters! Book Club”, Shelly Early, Group administrator and facilitator

  • Insights during the reading are welcomed and encouraged in the group WhatsApp during the reading.

  • Invitation to meet on Shelly’s Zoom Room every 5 weeks and discuss findings, practices, observations and changes noted.

  • Shelly will provide a format for discussion, but provided that comments respect the group intentions for the book and the reminders provided.

  • If the pace of the book is too fast for you or not to your interest, please go at your own pace, but try to enjoy the things shared generally

Group Reminders

  • Let’s joyfully stay curious and open to new insights!  

  • You are invited to share whatever is heartfelt that this reading has generated within you in the group's safe and accepting space.

  • Try to contemplate positively any new or challenging contributions by any in the group.

  • Try not to take anything shared in the group as a personal attack.  Most people truly do not know what we are walking around with in our minds that weigh us down that feel so apparent to us.  Typically, other people are naive how to navigate better our battered hearts.

  • Please try to remember that what is obvious to you may not be so to me...that's why we are sharing.

  • Please be mindful that all in this group are in a personal journey of self-discovery and growth that includes integrating deep hurt from the past that registers as traumatic responses frozen in how we relate to others and ourselves.  Some of us are healed in certain areas whereas not in others and vice versa.  

  • Please be intentional in why you share what you share.  

  • Please, let’s hold judgment at the door in this room—that of ourselves and others.

  • Please be respectful and uphold the dignity of all humans even when someone might challenge an area of your personal experience, knowledge or understanding.

  • Anything shared or in the book that is too triggering for you, please take care of yourself and do some HeartMath techniques to help make a good decision on how to proceed.


Chapters 1 - 9

Suggested Point of Exploration and discussion on WhatsApp
Chapter 1 

The author mentions curiosity as one of the aspects to the art of seeing others deeply. Many other qualities are mentioned as is represented in our heart word cloud that you might want to share with the WhatsApp group.

What is my Curiosity Quotient? Test yourself here:

Build Your Skills Practice

Let's start a conversation together on WhatsApp!

  • Are you curious or do you think you know what I mean in my recent 'aha' moment: "Nothing Inspires Curiosity"?  Ask some questions to deeply know Shelly and maybe get to know yourself better in the process1!

Chapters 10 - 17

Image by Tim Mossholder
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