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Distance Healing--Plausible? Part 1

Scratching your head you say, "Hang on! You mean I am not going to be in the Specialist's office for this therapy? How does that work?"

To answer this, let's briefly visit some common starting points for understanding BioEnergetic Kinesiology in relation to holistic care and wellbeing.

BioEnergetic Kinesiology, for a certain segment of humankind, will be dismissed without researching empirical findings or scientific basis to legitimize it. The conclusion reached is stated, not as a personal decision but, rather as a blanket condemnation such as, "Kinesiology is 'WooWoo'”. A statement arbitrarily denouncing it without understanding.

However, many people are comfortable with a protocol of bioenergy techniques done in-office. This sector of people might particularly enjoy, for example, the computations printed with various measurements from a programmed computer doing some form of kinesiology. This satisfies a degree of physicality appropriate to a limited concept of holistic wellbeing. This conclusion is viewed primarily through the window that health is restricted to a physical nature.

The last group to address and spend time visiting is with those that may benefit particularly from some explanation about Distance or Remote BioEnergy therapies.

Typically, this informed group has had miscellaneous forms of BioEnergetic Kinesiology, but wonder, "What?! Not be physically present in an office with the Specialist?! How can BioEnergetic Therapeutics be done through video conferencing?"

Perhaps the fertile ground giving rise to this question has the following aspects: How effective is it? Is it placebo? Is it some form of talk therapy? Is anything really accomplished? Or, more importantly, is it safe and done within the human sphere for plausible and principled healing? In other words, since the specialist and client are not physically occupying the same space, is it some form of spiritistic practice that would offend God?

Whatever the reason, questioning the validity of BioEnergetic Kinesiology or Therapeutics performed remotely is important to answer. The various basis for the question is not really the point. Rather, everyone deserves a reasonable degree of explanation to be informed whether to book a consultation and to feel comfortable in session via video conferencing.

Rather than question the sanity of the well-meaning friend recommending the service of BioEnergetic Therapeutics, how about if we get into the science of it through a series of learning in this blog?

The next blog will begin to establish the plausibility of remote BioEnergetic Therapeutics. Fair warning, you will become acquainted with my "Inner Nerd" as we do the deep dive into Quantum Science.

So, for those of you who say, "Hang on!", we will say in return, "Oh, yes. Hang on, indeed!"

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How Does Using Remote Kinesiology By Means Of Video Conferencing Work?


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