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Distance Healing--Plausible? Part 1

Scratching your head you say, "Hang on! You mean I am not going to be in the Specialist's office for this therapy? How does that work?"

To answer this, let's briefly visit some common starting points for understanding BioEnergetic Kinesiology in relation to holistic care and wellbeing.

BioEnergetic Kinesiology, for a certain segment of humankind, will be dismissed without researching empirical findings or scientific basis to legitimize it. The conclusion reached is stated, not as a personal decision but, rather as a blanket condemnation such as, "Kinesiology is 'WooWoo'”. A statement arbitrarily denouncing it without understanding.

However, many people are comfortable with a protocol of bioenergy techniques done in-office. This sector of people might particularly enjoy, for example, the computations printed with various measurements from a programmed computer doing some form of kinesiology. This satisfies a degree of physicality appropriate to a limited concept of holistic wellbeing. This conclusion is viewed primarily through the window that health is restricted to a physical nature.